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Making sure that the value of your estate is maximised and that assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes is very important.

Fortunately there are many professionals who are able to provide you with the guidance you require and have decided to register their details with My Bequest.

Getting legal advice

Solicitors can assist you through the formal process of preparing your will and bequest and ensuring that it is written in a clear manner that minimises the chances of it being contested. They can also advise you how estates are often divided and how to include special, non standard provisions.

Getting financial advice

Accountants can assist you to structure your assets and income in the most effective ways so that your estate in the best possible shape. They can also assist you to get your financial affairs in order and provide you with taxation, pension and other advice.

A good financial planner will be able to recommend how to best invest your funds and structure your affairs in ways that can maximise your wealth.

Searching for the professional you need is easy with My Bequest. You can choose to search by postcode, State, type of firm, name or a combination of those criteria. After you are presented with the results of your search you can then find out more about the professionals that match your requirements.