Why and how to register

My Bequest seeks to bring together potential bequest donors, advisory firms like yours and community service organisations.

The site and its associated directories is promoted heavily to people and organisations that will need guidance and professional assistance.

Source new client

Many people who have supported their favourite community service organisations throughout their lifetime will be seeking assistance to make their wills and bequests to ensure that support continues after they have gone.

Community service organisations, like all corporate entities, have a need for legal and financial advice on an ongoing basis. The organisations registered with My Bequest will be encouraged to use firms like yours that are registered in this section of the site.

Cost effective

Importantly, we've made registration for professional advisory firms very affordable. At $10.00 (Ex GST) per month the cost is minimal when compared to the potential business that could be generated. Opportunities also exist to have your firm listed for free. Give us a call on (03) 8530 6444 to learn more!

Registration should take no longer than 10 minutes and once completed your firm will have its own 'mini-site' on My Bequest

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